Who is Anju?

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Who is Anju

Anju, who ran away from India and studied in love with a Pakistani boy, has now changed her name to Fatima, that is, Anju became Fatima and Anju finally had to flee to Pakistan, now the question arises that after all, who is this girl named Anju and where does she live, let us tell you the complete information about Anju in this article today.

Actually, Anju is the wife of Arvind, a resident of Khadakpura village, Rasna Kotwali area of ​​Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh, who has fled from India and fell in love with a girl from Pakistan and Anju has reached Pakistan (Lahore) and this news has also set a lot of fire on social media through the Internet because recently such a case came to the fore of Seema Haider and Sachin and due to the same case, another case has come to the fore that of Anju and Nasrullah.

Anju Pakistan News, Anju kon hai, कैसे हुआ नसरुल्लाह से प्यार?

Let us tell you that Anju works in a company in Tapukada of Bhiwadi industrial area in Alwar district of Rajasthan, during this time Anju met Pakistan’s lover Nasrullah Hai through Facebook and gradually this meeting turned into love and in such a situation, now Anju has seen Aav Dekha Na Taav and reached Lahore city of Pakistan with her passport in hand and expressed her love with her boyfriend and made a video and shared it on social media, which is becoming very viral.

Who else is there in Anju’s family?

Let us tell you that apart from her husband Arvind, in the house of Anju, who fled from India and expressed love with her lover in Lahore city of Pakistan, a 15-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son are also included in her family.

Anju came to Ballia once after marriage
Anju was married to Arvind in Khadak Pura village of Rasda Kotwali area in the year 2007 with great fanfare according to the customs of Christianity, immediately after marriage Arvind went to work in Bhiwadi industrial area of ​​Alwar with Anju.

This entire episode is from Rajasthan. Despite this, the police is investigating at its level. Not much is clear right now. Complete information is being collected.

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